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Supply Heat-accumulating Type Steel Ladle Baker

Supply Heat-accumulating Type Steel Ladle Baker
Product Detailed
1.Fuel Medium: Gas fuel or oil; 2.Fuel Pressure: Gas 1-15KPa, oil 0.4-1.2MPa; 3.Temperature: 800-1,000.


Heat-accumulating Type Steel Ladle Baker



50T Heat-accumulating Type Steel Ladle Baker

 High-efficiency ceramic honeycomb heat-accumulating type baker adopts the enclosed baking mode, and utilizes a high-frequency change valve to make high-temperature fume and combustion air alternately pass through the ceramic heat-accumulating body and fully exchange heat with each other, so that the combustion air or fuel is preheated to about 1,000 °C, and the thermal enthalpy thereof is increased, thereby realizing stable, efficient and energy-saving combustion. The baker integrates burners and the heat-accumulating body, which are both arranged on the steel ladle, and the high-temperature section of the heat-accumulating body is embedded into the ladle cover for reducing heat loss and improving heat efficiency. In operation, one of burners is under the combustion state, and the other burner is under the heat accumulation and fume exhaust state. High-temperature fume flows through the heat-accumulating body through the burner under the heat accumulation state, and is exhausted into the atmosphere by the change valve and the fume exhaust system at a temperature between 100 °C and 150 °C after heating the heat-accumulating body. When the preset time or temperature reaches, the two burners are changed, air and fuel flow through the heat-accumulating body heated, and heated to a temperature approximate to combustion products in the steel ladle by the heat-accumulating body, and then sprayed into the steel ladle by the burners to finish the combustion process, thereby realizing the heating of the steel ladle.  

Performance Index:Baking Temperature: ≥1,100 °C; Baking Time: Online baking about 10 minutes, transfer ladle about 30 minutes;Fuel Saving Rate>50%; Prolonged Service Life of Steel Ladle about 15%; Air Preheating Temperature≥1,000 °C; Gas Preheating Temperature≥1,000 °C;

Fume Exhaust Temperature ≤150 °C; Pollution Reduction: about 50%; Fume Exhaust Mode: Forced exhaust by exhaust blower; Air Supply Mode: Singly by small-size blower;

Adjustable gas, air and fume flow; PLC control model;

Installation mode can be designed according to field conditions. When an old system needs restructuring, because the baker system has similar volume, weight and installation mode to the old baker, the baker burner is installed on the ladle cover, so the current system can meet the requirements only by small changes. And the baker is divided into vertical type and horizontal type.    

Steel (molten iron) ladle baker



  Steel (molten iron) ladle baker is a smelting procedure widely used in metallurgy enterprises at home. Adopting ladle cover sealing or half sealing mode baking, it is provided with laminar flow back-mixed type low-pressure burners, and utilizes gases or oil as fuel, high-temperature flame rushes to the bottom of the ladle after ignition, and then high-temperature fume returns along the bottom of the ladle, and forms turbulence with following high-temperature fume, so as to ensure temperature inside ladle to be uniform without hardening the furnace lining crack owing to partial high temperature.

  Steel (molten iron) ladle baker is necessary equipment in the steel industry for heating and baking steel (molten iron) ladle used in transfer and baking newly-bricked refractory steel (molten iron) ladles to dry and dehydrate in the steelmaking process.


1. It has wide application to combustion mediums, including various gas fuels (blast-furnace gas, generator gas, mixed gas, converter gas, coke oven gas and natural gas), light diesel oil, and used for oil-gas baking.

2. The frame is designed in the form of tower, with reasonable stress distribution, good folding and bending resistance, firmness and stability, reducing the requirement on foundation.

3. It has reliable performance and long service life, and combustor burners are stable in combustion performance as being made from stainless steel, so the replacement rate of accessories is reduced.

4. It has low baking cost as adopting blast-furnace gas, converter gas and other combustion mediums which are byproducts of steel works. At the same time, the heat efficiency of the combustor is fully optimized, so as to reduce loss of fuel, and be more energy-saving and eco-friendly.

5. It can meet rapid temperature rising, and it only needs about 25 minutes to raise the temperature of the molten steel ladle to over 900 °C from 500-700 °C.   

6. Molten steel ladle has small temperature difference (≤50 °C), and the combustor is provided with laminar flow high-speed burners with high gas outlet speed, so high-temperature gas flow rushes to the bottom of the ladle powerfully to enhance the convection heat transfer to the ladle lining.

7. It realizes the baking automation (wherein customers can select accessories by themselves), simultaneously meets the low-speed drying baking for new-bricked ladles and rapid temperature rising before tapping.

8. It is stable to operate, safe and reliable, as hoisting winch is provided with a pulley block, a deceleration and load reducing mechanism, and further mechanical and electrical limits.

9. Baker cover is convenient to be opened to a max angle of 85°, convenient for crown block to allocate and transport.

10. Baking operation fields have less harmful gases, safe and eco-friendly.  


Supply Heat-accumulating Type Steel Ladle Baker

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